Mina Galić

Mina's face in profile: She's wearing a sun hat

Hello, my name is Mina, and I’m a DevOps person, and wannabe Security pentester, and prolific Open Source Contributor. See my Résumé for all references.
(You may have known me under a different name)

I live in Mayo, Ireland with my partner and our daughter, two cats and a dog.

Hire me (conditionally)

For the next 7 months, I’m working to, to bring better FreeBSD support to cloud-init. However, if you have a project that is well defined, relatively short, fits into my skill-set and is preferably Open Source, I’d still be interested in hearing from you, especially if you’re an NGO or a non-profit.

Please note that I have been working for part-time for over seven years now for health and family reasons.

Contact me

The best way to reach me professionally is via email, or some form of phone call or message (WhatsApp, Signal, Wire).

The second best (worst) way to reach me is via Social media:

Please be warned that on social media I primarily pose as certified DevOps Thought Leader.

A lot of my Open Source work happens on GitHub, whereas on Codeberg most of my private work is (hidden).


Mina Galić

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