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Many of the following achievements are from only working part-time for over the last seven years for health and family reasons.

Current FLOSS Projects

I am active on several FLOSS projects:

You may notice a pattern.



from 2021 to 2022 I was employed by Puppet Inc. as “Principal Technical Program Manager”. In this role I curated and created traning material for Professional Services staff.Puppet, training

FreeBSD pkgbase project

2021: during my “time off”, while I was primarily taking care of my daughter, I started working on FreeBSD’s pkgbase project and created https://alpha.pkgbase.live/, an Unofficial Repository for FreeBSD base packages.Open Source, FreeBSD, sh, C, make

Refactoring Open Source

2020: during my “time off”, while I was primarily taking care of my daughter, I (re)initiated a big refactoring project in cloud-init’s networking “abstraction”. One of the maintainers took ownership of this idea, and ran with it. The project is still on-going, but I haven’t had time to meaningfully contribute, because…Open Source, cloud-init, Python, Design, Refactoring

I also started, and am still carrying a refactoring effort in Plume. This is meant to rectify a dead-lock in the design that makes it almost impossible to migrate the software to async Rust (that I myself contributed a few years ago…).Open Source, Plume, Rust, Design, Refactoring


2019: Worked for the IT Company of a big German Insurance Company to migrate their Puppet Infrastructure from Puppet 3 and 4 to Puppet 5 with PDK, and brought their testing up to standard.Puppet, PDK, Jenkins


2018: Working together with Radically Open Security as Freelance Junior PentesterSecurity, Infosec So far I’ve worked on three very different projects with this crowd: Two code auditing projects, and one in which I pentested a company’s infrastructure on-site.


2018: started bringing better FreeBSD support to cloud-initPython, Open Source, Cloud Provisioning


In 2018 I started contributing to Plume, an ActivityPub blogging software, written in Rust.Rust, Open Source I brought my experience as open source community leader. And, as a Rust novice I helped refactor the source code for readability in many places.


2017: ioc and libioc together make up an automation of managing FreeBSD Jails (containers).Open Source, Python, FreeBSD, Containers

This project started as a patch to iocage but soon became a complete rewrite. It intends to retain compatibility with it, and other forks.


2018: Worked on LXE, an interface for LXD to comply with CRI, thus enabling Kubernetes to manage Linux system containers.Go, Containers, Kubernetes

Metro Systems

2018: Developer of an Infrastructure Provisioning system for Metro SystemsGo, Shell, Rackspace, OpenStack

The first iteration of this was based on cloud-init, but as customization grew out of proportion, we decided to start fresh in Go.

2017: DevOps Engineer in a team of responsible for innovating a cloud infrastructure for Metro SystemsPuppet, Jenkins, Rackspace, OpenStack, ELK The daily business of running such an enormous infrastructure included keeping the Puppet infrastructure up-to-date and running smoothly, and building and debugging distributed systems.

Puppet & Voxpupuli

2013: Through my work as a DevOps Engineer at a customer who extensively worked with Puppet, I started contributing to several Puppetlabs projects, and was granted commit access to MySQL & Apache modules maintainerDevOps, Puppet, Ruby, Open Source

2014: Unhappy with the state of several community created modules, I co-founded VoxpupuliOpen Source I became one of our main community advocates, giving talks about the basics of a Community of Practice and why you should join us, or how to create your own.

Apache Software Foundation

2012: As an ASF Member, and Apache HTTPD, it wasn’t a big step join another project: Apache TrafficServer ProjectOpen Source, Apache, Documentation, Release Management

Since programming C++ is not my forte, I focused on migrating the documentation to Python’s ReStructured Text on Read The Docs. I also served as a Release Manager of the software for about a year.


Coaching of S-ITPuppet, Git

Puppet Migration Project for ÖAMTCPuppet 2 & Puppet 4


2013-2015: Infrastructure team of RISE GmbHPuppet, Linux, ELK

Introduced centralized logging infrastructure; Assistance in the rearchitecturing process as well as the implementation of the Puppet environment affecting hundreds of machines and dozens of services. Introducing package repositories for both the OS and each Programming Environment in use (Debian, RPM, pip, cabal, rubygems, etc…)
Perhaps most importantly, I introduced code-reviews into the Ops development process.

VIE Airport

2012: Test Infra Maintenance, and developer support for migration Project for VIE AirportShell, Make, Automation

My main responsibility was to automate the testing infrastructure of the project. I did this so well, that before the end of the project, I had automated myself out of this job. What a success story!


2007-2011: Site Reliability Engineer for BwinJVM, Bash, Solaris, Subversion

On-call duty for production landscape running on Solaris & Linux
Deploying and debugging dozens of applications running on (only) ~60 servers
Introducing package repositories for both the OS and each Programming Environment in use (Solaris, RPM, pip, etc…)
Consulting developers in matters of messaging architectures


DevOps Days London 2017: Ops to Dev - What to bring and what to leave behind

Puppet Contributor Summit 2015: Introduction of Voxpupuli

Puppetconf 2014: Puppet Types & Providers

ApacheCon EU 2014: Open Sourcing Mental Illness

WebCamp Zagreb 2013: on the woes of cooperation between Developers and Operations

I’ve given this Presentation about Voxpupuli, Open Source Speedtrain at numerous conferences. Sadly it has never been recorded. However, there’s a blog post




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